19" Modem Racks sizes ranging from 10 U - 47 U     

19" Wall Mount boxes sizes from 6 U - 12 U

19" Swing Frame boxes sizes from 6 U - 15 U

DSC00904  DSC00972 - Copy DSC00977 - Copy

Battery Cabinets

DSC00933 cr           34 U cabinet          08 June 2010 027 cropped

(Cabinets comes in lockable Steel or Glass doors)

Steel enclosures & DB Panels to suit the electronic industry

DSC00887 cropped DSC00809 DSC00812

Ups enclosures

cropped dp  Batt Cabinet (2) cropped

Lockable and Non-lockable chargers

DSC00833 cropped             20160627_150746


Accessories ranging form FMT trays, blanking panels, brackets, punch strips, fans, castor wheels, plinths etc.

          Flat tray Front mount tray